Euphorik residents w/ Lemoan [Reshuffle Music]

If we really had to give a key argument for this Saturday, November 30, we would say that it is the 31st day before the end of the year 2019 … Euphorik is back and this time he is at Les Caves Saint Sabin, a mythical and renowned place for night owls in Paris or other partygoers looking for unusual experiences!
A beautiful evening in perspective because LEMOAN of the Reshuffle Music crew is honored to be with us for the pleasure of the most seasoned ears!
Can’t wait for this one!


Dj known for his multiple musical influences & versatile talents. It’s been 3 years now that we see him, under the colors of the collective Reshuffle Music, walking the booth of the capital alongside recognized Djs who have inspired him throughout his evolution.
His influences: Zip, Fumiya Tanaka, Villalobos, Lutz, Rhadoo, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Dj Godfather, Dj Koolt, or in a different register Melina Serser.
Her recent South American tours have allowed her to refine her style and perfect her technique!

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LEMOAN [Reshuffle Music]
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SC: [Euphorik]
Mixcloud : [Euphorik]
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➡️ 1H : 5€ (+frais de loc)
APRÈS 1H : 10€ (+frais de loc)SUR PLACE : 13€

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Les Caves Saint Sabin
50 rue St Sabin 75011Métro :
Ligne 5 – Bréguet Sabin / Richard Lenoir
Ligne 8 – Chemin VertUn vestiaire est prévu : 2€ par article