Broski is streming live @ La Rotonde Stalingrad with Meria, Adonis Quatre Records

Sunday, December 13th, Quatre Records & Euphorik offer you a live from 3pm to 7:30pm from the Atrium of the Rotunda Stalingrad.
The recording will be provided by @CINETIC

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm: Meria (Four Records)
16h30 – 18h: Adonis (Four Records)
18h – 19h30 : Broski (Euphorik)

The live will be broadcast on the Facebook pages of Quatre Records and Euphorik as well as on those of the artists present and of CINETIC. See you on Sunday! Need to contact us?

Mail : or directly via our social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Part 1, Broski playing at 3h:

Part 2: